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Holiday Gift Boxes shipping soon

This year we are shipping our Delicous Bosc Pears. 


6 pears Gift Box $23

10 pears Gift Box $26

Or pair with with a bottle of RoxyAnn wine

6 pears w/ RoxyAnn Claret $55

6 pears w/RoxyAnn Pinot Gris $45

Plus shipping


Hillcrest Orchard is one of the oldest continuously producing orchards in the region and a preserved example of life in the early 1900's. Framed by the rolling slopes of RoxyAnn Peak, the Hillcrest home stands proudly as a testament to time. This elegant old estate holds a reverence to the history of Southern Oregon and the residents beholden to it.

We are excited to introduce Micro Weddings

We are offering micro weddings for a limited time on our beautiful historic property located in East Medford. Our luscious lawns, gorgeous gardens, and amazing orchards offer an enchanted backdrop to your magical wedding

day while creating lasting memories!

The Micro Wedding special is available for weddings up to 45 guests. We provide most everything needed for your stunning and streamlined wedding from a fully prepared venue with linen covered tables, chairs, a dance floor, and much more.

We are still offering our traditional full service weddings

Hillcrest Orchard is a full-service destination and a perfect venue for any occasion. Surrounded by the region's rouge and boundless beauty, the estate offers elegant gardens, historic buildings, vineyards, orchards, and overnight lodgings.

Host your next wedding or private event  on the beautiful grounds of the Historic Orchard Estate.

Located on the grounds of the Hillcrest Orchard Estate & RoxyAnn Winery in Medford Oregon, we have opened three of our historic buildings for your next getaway. Our historic Main Residence, quaint Cottage, or Carriage House are the perfect
location for destination wine tasting weekend or a quick stop on a road trip. 



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