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Hillcrest Orchard has been a landmark estate in the Rogue Valley for over a hundred years and has been instrumental in the development of the region thanks to Reginald and Maud Parsons' dedication and foresight.

Operated by the Parsons family since 1908, Hillcrest Orchard, one of the oldest continuously owned family orchards in the Rogue Valley, has grown some of the regions finest fruit and produce.  Hillcrest Orchard was purchased by Reginald H. Parsons and Maude Bemis Parsons in 1908 from J.W. Perkins.  Construction of new agricultural buildings and the addition of new plantings of several varieties of pears, apples, and peaches began quickly. The Parsons' rapid improvements to Hillcrest soon attracted widespread attention and after only four months of ownership, local newspapers devoted large editorials to Hillcrest, noting that "until today there is no finer orchard in all the valley..."

 Historic Structures

The main residence was designed by well known architect Frank C. Clark with creative input from Maude Parsons and was built in 1917.  Mr. Clark also built the other Colonial period buildings on the property such as the Office, Recreation, Guest House, and Packing House.  

The United States Department of the Interior added Hillcrest Orchard to the National Register of Historic places in 1984 for its historic and architectural significance.

Orchard & Vineyard

The agriculture at Hillcrest Orchard is now leased to and operated by Reginald & Maude Parsons grand and great grandchildren. 

Beautiful fruit is still grown on the estate but on a smaller scale by Century Farm Fruit Growers; owned by Reginald and Maude's grandchildren Jud and George Parsons and Hugh Brady. Juicy pears, apples, and peaches are still a favorite in the Rogue Valley.

Approximately 70 acres of winegrapes are grown by Foothill Vineyard under great grandson Chad Day's leadership.  Award winning wines are made with the grapes at the RoxyAnn Winery also located on the estate.

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